Author: Clair Marie

About Clair Marie

Clair who also goes by BASEgirl is a BASE jumper, Skydiver, Mountain bike racer, Rock climber and Model. She is a passionate vegan and a world traveler. She has made it her life goal to inspire others and help them accomplish or find their dreams and passions! After defying the odds and becoming one of the worlds youngest BASE jumpers at 16 years old she realized how important it is to always follow your dreams! And now she helps others find theirs.

Welcome To The Baja Project

To check out what this amazing project is all about click HERE or click the link About The Project above! You can also meet the athletes of the Baja Project HERE to see what we are all about!

Please check out our Kickstarter video below and see how you can help make this project a reality!
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Make sure to check out the rad artwork of 4 iconic climbers available in print HERE to support The Baja Project!