Angel Lopez

884361_10151751438082063_2027082243_oAngel Ivan Lopez was born and raised in Tijuana, Baja California. During his travels throughout Baja, California and Arizona he was exposed to skateboarding and was immediately drawn to the challenges it offered him. According to Angel “skateboarding was my first love” because of how different it was from any other outdoor sport he had participated in. Although skateboarding occupied most of his middle school years it opened the door to other board sports and at 17 years old Angel tried his hand at surfing. He became immersed in the sport, culture and how close to nature he felt while in the ocean.

At the age of 23 Angel moved from Tijuana to San Diego in search of a tattoo apprenticeship and quickly latched onto the California way of life!

Having a keen sense for adventure and a desire to expand his10264896_10152023814151954_1463683299077894912_n horizons he jumped at the chance to Rock Climb in 2009 when an old high school friend introduced him to the sport. Climbing provided a creative and expressive outlet and a sense of relief to Angel through a rough time in his life. Providing a sense of dedication, organization and hyper focus Climbing made Angel realize that “ If I can do that in climbing I can apply the same thing for other areas in my personal and professional life.” Being primarily an indoor climber Angel met Alex Edge at a climbing gym in San Diego and was promptly introduced to the ever growing and exciting world of outdoor, bouldering and multi pitch climbing.

With a successful career as a talented tattoo artist, a single father to an amazing little girl and a dedication and drive very few have, Angel continues to find his peace on the rock. Primarily a boulderer Angel continues to explore many of the local crags in  San Diego, Mexico city and Baja California as a way to step out of his comfort zone. With a new sense of focus he has made a conscious decision and gave up any other activity that didn’t involve Tattoos, family, friends and climbing adding to how hard he charges in life! 10537030_10152132411642063_9038457505872086305_n