Alex Edge

535016_709382715742425_694981393_n Alex Edge has been chasing adventure since he was just a boy. Born and raised in San Diego, California he was exposed to outdoor action sports at a very young age. He began riding his first motorcycle at 3 years old at which point it became obvious he would end up leading a lifestyle more bold than most. Always staying true to his passions, his strong motivation to push the limits of his abilities has exposed him to many different and enriching forms of adventure. from racing bicycles and motorcycles to rock climbing and snowboarding, all of his experiences  culminated and lead him to the ultimate adventure and experience of BASE jumping. First being exposed to the sport of BASE jumping through climbing 1379871_10151914606591628_266043_nAlex immediately knew it was something he had to do; but BASE being such a fringe sport, the process of becoming a jumper was a difficult one. After a year of training through skydiving Alex made his first BASE jump off a cliff in southern California and never looked back. After a couple hundred jumps, from buildings in California to mountains in Europe and everywhere in-between  his passion to travel the world and chase the adventure is ever growing. Despite the danger associated with BASE he continues to jump on a regular basis because in his words “everything it gives to me, It’s worth the risk”

In addition to his action/ adventure sports he is passionate about creating art. Now 30 Alex is amongst the lucky few who earns a living doing something he loves as a tattoo artist and a painter. He leads a very unique lifestyle with strong conviction in his beliefs. Most predominately Alex has been a dedicated Vegan for the past 16 years which has only depend his connection with nature and the environment. He also follows a very strict clean and substance free life, having never used drugs or consumed alcohol he prefers a more challenging and pure form of recreation.